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The Origins of DecalGirl

There was this recently-married couple in a little beach town in Delaware. She was a recent college graduate, he was an award-winning ecommerce developer. They liked cars... and after a bout of financial justification, they purchased commercial full-color printing equipment to produce high-end full color graphics rather than pay the obscene prices somone was asking.

"We'll make full-color decals for cars - it should pay for itself." said the number-crunching developer, "and we'll call it 'DecalGirl' - 'cause you're a girl who makes decals, right?" A fancy Internet presence later, and within a few months, the underemployed grade-school teacher found she was making more selling color decals than she was during the day working for minimum wage at a health food store.

Ever the gamer, the developer looked at a dusty black Xbox sitting in the corner of the office, and realized "You know, that'd look really sweet with one of those full-color, removable decals we make on it..."

Using the same materials we were comfortable offering up for $100k+ sports cars, we began marketing a line of removable, full-color printed "skins" for consumer electronics devices. The business blossomed - but everything was reinvested and every effort was made to assure there was a solid, stable and dependable operation.

Fast forward ten years to 2013. We've grown the staff from two people, part time in a single basement room to 30+ people in a 19,000 square foot facility. A hobby that grossed under $100k in 2003 has grown into multi-million business. DecalGirl is still privately held, with no debt or outside investors - still able to work as an agile startup, but with a proven concept and market presence.