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AkA is an award winning London based boutique studio. Their work has been featured across the globe for major companies like Dreamworks, Pepsi, Random House, Ford, Avia, Mazda, Future, TIME, Phillip Morris, Bacardi and many others.

AkA's heritage is in traditional crafts and production processes. Storytellers in the classic fashion. A typical mixed-media design might originate with a photo-shoot which is then collaged together with intricately detailed hand-drawn elements, scanned material, 3D models or even particle systems combined with digital illustration to create a layered artwork full of depth.

AkA passionately believe that their work is more than just a profession, more that just 'a job' .... it is a lifetime dedicated to beauty and beautiful things married with an obsession for perfection and detail.

Their broad range in style has led them to become artists of choice for many discerning clients around the world who want to enjoy the benefits of a highly developed creative team but who do not wish to be tied down to a particular style or look.

This unique & eclectic style makes A.k.A stand out from the crowd with their eye catching deigns