Antonia Neshev

Antonia Neshev

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Antonia Neshev was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a student in the High School of Applied Arts in Sofia, the artist was trained in designing and implementation of utilitarian metal objects, jewelry and metal sculpture. She continued her artistic education in the Bulgarian Art Academy specializing in Ceramics. Her pieces have been purchased for permanent placement by The Guild of Craftsmen Of Folk Arts, Bulgaria.

Shortly after her graduation, Antonia immigrated to Canada, where she created found object assemblages and metal sculpture. Her artworks are part of the art exposition in the public government buildings in Ottawa, Ontario.

In 1996 the artist moved to Colorado to occupy an employment position for a wildlife illustrator and t-shirt decorator. Presently Antonia Neshev resides in Florida and works as a free lance artist. Her wildlife art continue to gain popularity and can be seen reproduced on various products all around the world.

For the past few years Antonia has been working freelance with The Mountain, a T-Shirt company based in Keene, NH. She has been a top selling Artist with The Mountain since her first wolf hit the shelves. This past year she has gained worldwide ArtStar recognition as the artist of the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt.