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"If there were a special camera or glasses we put on to see people and things not just by their physical attributes but also see their experiences, their troubles, their sicknesses, their connectedness or lack of to everything else around them I think it would look very similar to one of my paintings. I don’t draw what a person looks like I draw a map of those experiences, feelings and energy and the relationship between their physical, emotional and energetic environments.” -Cristine Cambrea

As a Visionary artist, I use my inner emotion and intuition to guide me. I do not work in the traditional process that incorporates sketching and planning. After that first line, shape, or color makes it way to the canvas I get lost in non-thought. It is my time to meditate- and when my time with the canvas is complete I have a creation that in some way represents my dreams and life experience. This may not be understood for quite some time but from experience I now trust in my process and can dissect it when I am ready.

The work typically has two different levels. From a distance, the viewer can see a large imager faces, landscapes, buildings etc. – but on closer examination the viewer sees that each image is typically derived from smaller images- eyes, faces, windows, doors, trees, houses, mountains and spirit people growing or living within the other images. I often create one abstract surreal world inside another. The piece becomes multi-dimensional and can be seen in many different ways depending on how you look at it.

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