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Randi Antonsen is an independent artist, born in Harstad, Norway (a very, very northern part of the of the country) and now resides in Verdal. Apart from living in a place a lot of people cannot pronounce, Randi spends most of her time as an artist in her studio/workspace/gallery, where she creates and exhibits art. Randi loves color, nature, and every living and moving creature, a passion, clearly visible in her illustrative art. Randi’s mixed-media work is vibrant and filled with incredible imaginative energy.

Randi Antonsen has a broad experience in art. She has exhibited her art in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Hungary, Russia and US.

"Creating art gives me comfort when I’m sad and makes me feel included. Creating art gives me great pleasure. Sometimes just looking at a color makes me happy. When working to make art, I explore myself and get better acquainted with who I am. I see art in many different levels."

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