The DecalGirl Team

Spanning decades of experience, thousands of miles and a broad set of qualifications, DecalGirl wouldn't be where we are today without the hard work of our staff.

Does dumb stuff for patches
on the weekends.

Ryan Peters

Chief Executive Officer

Redbull + Amanda =
Unstoppable Force of Nature

Amanda Peters

Chief Operating Officer

Buy the ticket,
take the ride...

Joel DeMott

Senior Web Architect

Ryan is a self taught application developer who has specialized in e-commerce and interactivity since he wrote his first shopping cart 16 years ago. He juggles the duties of chief executive, lead developer, creative director and chief strategist. When he is not behind the keyboard he can usually be found hanging with his wife and daughter, working off stress (and carbs from his homebrews) at the gym or riding something that requires race fuel. He is an avid endurance sports participant and often says anything is easier than carrying a telephone pole.

Amanda is the glue at DecalGirl. She is involved in every aspect of the business from conception of the product to the satisfaction of the customer. Amanda has her finger in every phase of DecalGirl. Part of the original husband and wife founding team, Amanda focuses her energy on DecalGirl core mission, vision and values. When not at work (and often at work) she spends time with her family. Her Yorkshire Terrier, Neo, is also a constant companion and goes everywhere she does.

Our multimedia expert, Joel is an accomplished front-end developer with more than 15 years of experience in a wide range of media including print, web, photography and video. He brings responsive e-commerce UX and UI design skills to the DecalGirl team and is responsible for the look and feel of our website & email marketing. When he’s not pushing pixels he enjoys mountain biking, surf photography and a good single-malt scotch.

Yes, of course, no problem
I would love to help!

Amie Cox

Customer Support

Every outfit looks better
with a scarf

Melissa Haney

Customer Support

True Story

Marci Prior


Amie has worked at DecalGirl since 2010. Anytime you walk into the customer service area, you’re sure to be greeted with a smile and a wave from Amie.  No matter what the day she is smiling and willing to give anyone a hand.  Our customers have come expect great customer service because of the level of service Amie holds the department to. When she’s not giving her all at work, she’s devoting her time to her family with softball and baseball games, school events, and everything in between. 

Hired in 2011 and worked as a designer for 2 years, Melissa has recently moved over to the customer service department. Her graphic design background and the knowledge of how our skins are made is a great benefit in assisting customers as well as fellow employees.  With a smile always on her face, you can count on Melissa to make you laugh till your gut hurts. Anything is game when it comes to laughs.

Marci joined the DecalGirl team in 2009 to manage distribution and resale accounts. She works directly with these clients to provide ongoing support while maintaing a positive rapport. She enjoys the fun & friendly office environment and often brings her dachshund Buddy for administrative assistance. His typing skills are a bit flawed, but his cute factor is off the charts. Formerly a trapeze artist, Marci now studies the art of squirrel trapping in her spare time.

Yes, I really do know what
that animal just said.

Kelly Adams


Don't feed me ice cream
after 4pm

Jessica Parker


Can one ever really
have too many ferrets?

Francis Phillips

Art Department

Kelly has been an employee with DecalGirl since 2009 working in our accounting department. She also handles payroll, insurance, and human resources for the company. She likes to add fun to the day and can often be relied on to have goodies for a special occasion. Her office tends to look like a doggie day care because the employees dogs who come to work from time to time collect in her office. Her favorite fourlegged visitor, of course, is her spotted low rider, Ringo, who always comes to work with a smile on his face.

Jessica has worked at DecalGirl since 2006 and is our Utility Player at DecalGirl, which makes her an extremely useful member of the team. She is very task oriented and says the best part of her day is being able to go home and feel that she accomplished an amazing amount. She also loves working at DecalGirl because she gets to often save the day! At least once a week her German Short Hair Pointer, Baby also joins the team to share her enthusiasm.

Francis T Phillips has been making art his entire life. From watching happy little trees get painted on TV to mimicking his favorite artists found in massive art history books, Francis tries to live the life of a student of art.  Since 2009 Francis' days at DecalGirl are filled with style guides, working new artists into DecalGirl's product line, new product development and any other tasks that may come across his oddly angled monitors. His gallery is focused on creating fun, bright, digital art. Outside of work he has recently become more serious about painting and illustration. Filling up canvases with abstract impressionistic landscapes, still-lives, or technical vector renderings of his favorite cars and everything else in between, creating is his favorite way to relax. While the paint is drying in his studio Francis likes to enjoy the outdoors.


Brooke Boothe

Art Department

Sarcasm. Just one of the
many services I offer

Jeff Schoap

Product Development

Former Spice Girl,
the original Pumpkin Spice

Cassie Bunting


Brooke was hired in 2011 as a creative designer for our SkunkWorks team. We call her our swiss army knife, she can do just about anything when it comes to Adobe. Brooke motivates our company with constant new ideas for DecalGirl's social media presence. She also helps out our marketing department with emails, advertisement, catalogs, you name it! In between all of that Brooke finds time to add designs to her gallery, she's always adding the latest trends. Whenever she has ants in her pants at work, she plays the occasional office prank.. so watch out!

Jeff has worked for DecalGirl since 2009. His career has taken him from San Diego, California (his home town), to Phoenix, Arizona and now to Milton, Delaware. His primary responsibility at DecalGirl is product development, however, he is relied upon for his extensive experience in the printing industry. The staff also turns to him for technical support. Don't let his dry humor or manly exterior fool you. His soft side can be seen in the presence of his pets and his son, Ethan.

Cassie joined the DecalGirl production finishing team in 2008. Always the over achiever, Cassie is the primary promise keeper of production. She enjoys seeing the customers love notes on orders. She has seen it all! Outside of working her tush off making sure you get your orders, she enjoys spending time with her loving husband and super awesome son watching “Smoke” on the racetrack.

Team Tatted

Morgan Garms


Its red…
I like it.

Matt Hoopes


Are those closed toed shoes?

Mike Boylen


Morgan has been at DecalGirl since 2011 and enjoys the challenges that the print/production area has to offer. A bit of a renaissance man, he's always ready to tackle anything that comes his way. Don’t let Morgan fool you, even though he is an ordained minister he definitely brings the funk. He’s a connoisseur of good coffee and digs giraffes and argyle socks.

Matt has worked at DecalGirl since 2011 as the Head Printer in our production area. Matt is probably one of the easiest going guys you will ever meet, though he is also extremely hard working and driven. Matt loves sports... softball being his favorite. He can’t wait for his son to be born so they can play ball!

Mike Boylen can remember the days when DecalGirl was a "one-woman show." Since 2003 Mike was our main squeeze making sure orders got out the door. Nothing has changed today, except he oversees the entire shipping department. He makes sure our customers get their product in a timely manner and with a smile on their faces. Mike is also in charge of our safety committee and takes his responsibilities very seriously. We have never been so safe! He enjoys classic rock and when the mood strikes he'll secretly change the channel on the radio. You can also find him and his friendly grin at local farmers markets when the weather is nice!

No Texas Caviar for U

Debbie Hazzard


I am going to start a greeting
card line called "SLAM"

Lorrie Runner


Debbie has worked at DecalGirl in the shipping department since 2007. She is considered a true team player because she is always upbeat and positive. Always a crafty one, in her spare time she enjoys making that special gifts for someone, reading, puzzles and spending time with her family. Debbie is always there to lend a hand or an ear and is considered a second mom to some employees.

Lorrie has worked for DecalGirl since 2008 in the shipping department. Lorrie is a very efficient and organized individual whose strengths are a value to the department. She is the go-to person when you need to locate anything because chances are she organized the delivery. Lorrie is also one of the best skin installers on the face of the planet. When we get a project that requires skinning, she is guaranteed to take the lead. Lorries comic delivery of day to day situations can often be described as dry and quick witted. A proud mother and grandmother, Lorrie enjoys making home improvements to her humble abode.