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David Dunleavy

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David Dunleavy - American artist, painter, muralist, designer, graphic artist and sculptor is considered in his mechanical brilliance, diversity and prolificacy to be an influential figure in conservation contemporary art.

Dunleavy was born in Glenolden, Pa in 1970 and travels the world extensively in order to pursue his passion for scuba diving and spreading his message of our oceans' conservancy. A core motivator for Dunleavy is to use his art and murals as a vehicle to reach the masses and raise awareness for the endangered species and our threatened ocean planet. Dunleavy hopes his art will inspire people to educate themselves on how to help protect our ocean planet for future generations. To help make a difference, Dunleavy has a goal to paint Endangered Species Murals around the globe in strategic locations to raise awareness, inspire people to come together to take action, and become part of the solution to face the challenges of protecting the earth. To date, David has painted 54 life sized and larger than life murals along the Eastern Seaboard from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Islamorada in the Florida Keys, the Bahamas Islands, and the largest environmental awareness mural on the continent of Australia at the Melbourne Aquarium. Through life size and larger than life public wall murals and education, Dunleavy is able to spread his vision for a healthy ocean planet to millions worldwide.

A master of detail, Dunleavy works meticulously for hours and sometimes months on one painting. He has many diverse styles from marine life, tropical landscapes to new age/modern art. David developed a brilliant method of painting with a combination of sculpture and paint applied to canvas with a sound technique, which includes constructing a coral reef so that it looks real to life. With a unique three dimensional quality, the creatures appear to leap off the canvas. His ability to capture light moving through water is unsurpassed and his colors are energetic. He has successfully pioneered an innovative movement called "Primal Art." Inspired by the etchings of prehistoric man, Dunleavy uses elements of nature and pure pigments to create these distinctive fine art pieces.

Dunleavy has achieved both critical acclaim and commercial success with his art. In addition to his well-publicized murals, he has also published over fifty limited edition Giclees. His art has graced many magazine covers, DVDs and has been featured in educational programs and on film. The endangered species mural painted in Cape May, NJ, the oldest seaside resort town in the nation, is a historic landmark with resolution No. 176-9-96 dated September 7, 1996.

Dunleavy has dedicated his talent and life for the preservation of our fragile ocean planet and the mysterious creatures that inhabit the earth. He supports many marine conservations organizations by donating original art for auctions. His art can be seen in museum quality limited editions, embroidered and silk screened apparel, ceramic tile products and other gift products. Dunleavy is in constant search of inspiration for future paintings and hopes his passion for art is embraced by all those who view it.

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