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Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy

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Ryan Bliss discovered his visual art talent when he received his first computer in 1995. Previously he had always wanted to be a writer and hadn’t studied visual arts in school. He has degrees in English and Computer Science from the University of Iowa.

The 3D tools which were just becoming available to the public in the mid-90s opened a whole new world of creative expression for Ryan. His chosen medium has always been "desktop wallpaper". His work is designed from the ground-up to both draw the eye from across the room and stand up to close inspection.

He started his web gallery, "Digital Blasphemy", in 1997 and it has been his full-time job since 1999. He current has over 660 images available on his site available for Members as well as a collection of free wallpapers for visitors.

Ryan currently lives in Illinois with his wife Jessica and two sons Ian and Jason.