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Izak, the exceptionally talented and stylishly quirky illustrator is a shining light in the world of fashion illustration. His unmistakably whimsical characters--inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Toulouse Lautrec, as well as his love for women and fashion--are immediately recognizable from the pages of leading international magazines.

For years Izak's witty, whimsical illustrations have taken fashion to new places. His work, long associated with exclusive brands and high-end publications, instantly conveys a breezy, fashionable style and fresh,enchanting view of life. Whatever the decade, Izak's women are attractive and optimistic, confident and charming, feminine but modern - exactly how women idealize themselves. His everyday vignettes, as well, possess a quirky charm and lightheartedness that engage and delight. Izak's colorful, magical world is now a lifestyle of its own, lending a fun fashion authority wherever he puts his brush. And just as we have come to trust Izak's work to direct us to what is trendy and of-the-moment in other brands, we can now rely on Izak himself to do that with his own line of products.

A wide and impressive range of clients worldwide turn to Izak for their advertising, promotional materials and editorial content, delighting in the charming, witty illustrations that effortlessly capture the essences of their brands. Among his clients are Celine, with whom Izak has worked closely to create a series of sellout scarves; Guerlain, which featured Izak's work on a limited-edition Valentine's fragrance; La Samaritaine, the famed Parisian department store, which has adorned its windows with Izak's engaging scenes of Paris street life; and Henri Bendel, New York's source for original fashion and style, which Izak's work has represented for nearly a decade.

For more of Izak's work visit his website: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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