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Jennifer Walsh Design

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Jennifer Walsh is a designer and artist born and raised in Texas and currently living in the Austin area. She grew up constantly drawing and doodling anything and everything, focusing on graphite and realism. She gave up on traditional art for 9 years after high school while she attended college for film & tv, focusing on post-production, and proceeded to fall into a career of graphic design and motion graphics.

She realized she was missing something in her life, and on a whim added a set of paints, brushes and some canvases to her wedding registry, received them, and quickly fell in love with creating all over again. She moved on from acrylics, to oils, and even dabbled in watercolors and digital illustration.

While loving the painting of details of landscapes and portraits in oils, she wanted a way to create in a more freeform and lower stress way, that would allow her to unwind after a day of graphic design. Thus entered poured acrylics & resin, allowing her to experiment with colors, textures & organic patterns without the pressure of perfect brush strokes. Shortly after amassing a stockpile of abstract paintings, she wanted a fresh way of playing with color and took the images of her paintings and processed them with software to create new and interesting patterns, textures and color combinations. This led to her popular “Glitchy” abstract series that works well across a variety of of products.

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