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Magpie Moon

Magpie Moon

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Continually inspired by the world’s textiles and the creative process in general, Meredith Lawson thoroughly enjoys taking her love for, say, Mayan textiles, and reinterpreting them in her own way. Starting with hand drawing, block printing, and/or watercolor, she transfers the designs to the computer to see what new life they’ll take on in the digital world. Magpie Moon prints are truly a morphing of many inspirations and processes with the main intent to create something that gives the viewer joy and a sense of being on vacation! Meredith finds a life full of beautiful patterns stimulating and enriching and wants to share that with the world.

A lifelong lover of design and pattern, she graduated with a BA in Studio Art with a focus on serigraphy and painting from UT Austin. Following graduation, she traveled to Guatemala and Thailand where Meredith developed a lifelong love of global prints and textiles. Moving then to NYC where the artist spent years designing home decor, bedding and all things room-related before landing at Coach.

At Coach, Meredith was the Sr. Designer of Print and Pattern as well as Women’s Woven Scarves. Now in Colorado, she continues to assist various brands in achieving their design goals while setting up her own shop and enjoying Colorado’s mountain environment in her free time. Through Magpie Moon, Meredith continues to express her passion for print and pattern, dedicating her energy and talents to creating fun and fresh patterns to be lovingly set loose into the world.

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