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Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Custom Skins & Cases

Create, share and buy a personalized skin or case featuring stunning artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith!

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Available Artwork

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Alice and Las Meninas
Alice and Snow White
Alice and the Bosch Birds
Alice and the Bosch Monsters
Alice and the Bouguereau Princes
Alice and the Flowers
Alice and the Mad Hatter
Alice Down a Dali Rabbit Hole
Alice Enchanted
Alice in a Bosch Wonderland
Alice in a Brueghel Vision
Alice in a Da Vinci Portrait
Alice in a Dali Dream
Alice in a Van Eyck Portrait
Alice in Clockwork
Alice in Fragonard's Swing
Alice in the Pool of Tears
Alice's Tea Party
Cheshire Cat Cuddle
Looking-Glass Queens Red Queen
Looking-Glass Queens White Queen
Painting the Roses Red
Tea Party Treats
White Rabbit Resurrected
A Ferret and His Fairy
A Wolfish Friend
Albino Alligator Angel
Angel with Ferrets
Armful of Ferrets
Befriending an Alligator
Call of the Night
Daydreams and Frogs
Diana in the Forest
Dinosaur Friends I
Fairy with a Rottweiler
Ferret with Butterfly Wings
Little Frog Girl
Loup-Garou: Blanche Neige
Mermaid with a Baby Alligator
Owlyn in Autumn
Princess with a Himalayan Cat
Princess with a Maine Coon Cat
Raised by Wolves
Red Butterfly Ferrets
Snow White and Her Animal Friend
To Love a Frog
Tricksy Tuxedo Cat
Two Fae Ferrets
Two of a Kind
Winged Ferret
Wolf Countess
Wolf Manor
Wolf Moon
Wolf Song
A Confusion of Wings
A Gathering of Faeries
Absinthe Butterflies
Alannah and the Gargoyle
Angel at Glastonbury Abbey
Angel in Lilac
Angel of Starlight
Angel with Emeralds
Attracting Butterflies
Backyard Birds
Beetle Wings
By the Seaside
Carnivorous Bouquet Fairy
Christmas Candle
Darling Dragonling I
Darling Dragonling III
Darling Dragonling IV
Daydreams and Frogs
Dragonling Garden I
Dragonling Garden II
Dragonling Garden III
Dress of Storms
Fairy Balloons
Fairy Circus
Fairy with Dried Flowers
Heart of Nails
Iris Enchantment
Little Autumn Leaves
Moon Phases
Nautilus Angel
Nymph with Monarchs
Owlyn in Autumn
Owlyn in the Springtime
Peach, Plum, Pear
Pink Lightning
Poppy Magic
Red Hibiscus Fairy
Red Maple Fairy
Ruby Moon
Sea Beacon
Shimmering Pink Dragon
Shinjuku Angel
Sienna Dragonling
Sitting on a Sunflower
Snapdragon Fairy
Snow Angels
Spirits of the Vine: Chardonnay
Spirits of the Vine: Merlot
Starry Wild Jasmine Fairy
The Holly and the Ivy
The Sick Rose
Two Cute Dragonlings
Valentine Dragon
Valentine Masquerade
Amara and the Book
Beauty and the Beast
Cinderella at Midnight
Circe and the Swine
Diana in the Forest
Fiona and the Unicorn
Hamadryad Lake
Little Miss Muffet
Microcosm: Faun
Microcosm: Triceratops
My Very Strange Valentine
Poisoned Apple
Poissons Volants: L'Hippocampe
Poissons Volants: Le Bassin des
Poissons Volants: Le Portrait
Portrait of Goldilocks
Puss in Boots
Rapunzel at Twilight
Red Riding Hood in Autumn
Red Riding Hood's Picnic
Saraswati Playing Veena
Snow White and Her Animal Friend
Sun Child and Moon Child
The Princess and the Pea
The Three Fates
The Three Graces
Zeus and Europa
A Candle in the Dark
Alchemical Seas
Angel with a Psaltery
At the Masquerade Ball
Autumn is My Last Chance
Babirusa Skull
Bootstrap Betsy
Butterflies and Bones
Captain Molly Morgan
Cello Storm
Danse Macabre :  Tribal Fusion
Delusions of Grandeur
Divine Hand
Doomed from the Start
Dress of Alchemy
Eve and the Tree of Knowledge
Faceless Ghosts
Halloween Twilight
Heart of Nails
I Vampiri: La Libreria
I Vampiri:  Angelo della Morte
I Vampiri:  Bellissimo Letto
I Vampiri:  Il Liuto
I Vampiri:  Lucrezia Borgia
I Vampiri:  Notte a Cavalla
I'm Almost With You
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
Les Poissons Rouges
Les Vampires Lanterne-Citrouille
Les Vampires: Les Crânes
Loup-Garou:  La Foret
Loup-Garou: Le Portrait
Loup-Garou: Noir
Loup-Garou: Pastorale
Loup-Garou:  d'Automne
Loup-Garou:  L'Aube
Loup-Garou:  La Tristesse
Loup-Garou:  Le Temple
Loup-Garou:  Les Jumeaux
Lute and Lyre
Marie Masquerade
Mending a Broken Heart
Microcosm:  Fawn
Miss Havisham
Mystery of the Nautilus
Nothing Left to Dream
Nymphs Collecting Berries
Penitent Magdalene
Pet Trilobite
Planetary Witches
Poissons Les Yeux Globuleux
Portrait of Medusa
Portrait of Ophelia
Portrait with a Spiderling
Pretty Pirate Polly
Priestess of Nyarlathotep
Priestess of Quetzalcoatl
Princess with a Himalayan Cat
Queen of Bees
Saint George and Princess Sabra
Sea Beasties I
Shallow Grave
Skeleton Magic
Speak No Evil
Strangely Lonely
The Philosopher's Egg
The Scarecrow
The Violet Duchess
Three Witchy Sisters
Tiger Lily, Tiger Nautilus
Veronica's Veil
Voodoo in Blue
Voodoo in the Bayou
Winged Seer
A Certain Slant of Light
Absinthe Mermaid
Amongst the Koi
Arcimboldo Mermaid
Autumn Mermaid
Crown of Shells
Daydreaming Koi Mermaid
Dragonfly Mermaid
Golden Mermaid
Green Mermaid Triplets
Koi Pond Mermaid
La Sirena
Mermaid Eclipse
Mermaid in Her Grotto
Mermaid of the Deep
Mermaid Picking Lotus Blossoms
Mermaid with a Black Sea Serpent
Mermaid with a Golden Dragon
Mermaid with Floating Flowers
Nautilus Princess
Nymph with a Cuttlefish
Orca Magic
Porthole Mermaid
Sea Storm
Sea Turtle Mermaid
Seashell Beauty
Sewer Mermaid
Shells in My Hair
Storm Chaser
Sunkissed Mermaid
Surprised Mermaid
The Little Mermaid
Water Elementals
A Clockwork Pumpkin
A Clockwork Valentine
Anglerfish Submarine
Balloon Chariot
Maritime Sunset
Mechanical Angel I
Mechanical Angel II
Mechanical Angel III
Night Chariot
Poe's Flight

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