Digital Navy Camo Apple AirPods Case

by Camo
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Available to fit all generations of AirPods and AirPods Pro, our glossy polycarbonate cases protect your AirPods while adding a splash of style.

Model: AirPods (1st Gen)
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Glossy Finish

The vibrant colors are permanently embedded into the case's outer polycarbonate layer with a high-heat vacuum process. There's no paint to chip off, and it'll take one heck of a beating before it shows signs of wear.

Ryan, the king of overkill, took a knife to his case and had to really dig into it to affect the art. Mine looks perfectly new, months after getting it.

Magsafe Option

You know what sucks? Having to take your phone out of its case to charge it on a MagSafe charger. Then one of the the fur kids jumps up, knocks it off the nightstand and your perfect phone is dinged up all because your case didn't work with the charger.

Spare the poor dog the embarrassment.

Impact Resistant

Phones keep getting tougher, but we keep finding ways to break them. The shock-absorbing inner cushioned layer works in tandem with the shatter-proof outer layer to help minimize the damage to your phone.

Amanda has a bad case of the dropsies (and the AppleCare bills to prove it), so she's not allowed to have a phone without one of our cases.

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