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Ravynne Phelan

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Ravynne Phelan, a.k.a. Michele-lee Phelan, has been painting since the year 2000. As a child, she dreamed of becoming an artist, but fell into a state of despair and confusion in her teenage years when many told her a career in art was an unattainable dream. Made vulnerable by mental illness, she believed this to be truth and laid down her brushes. For the next fourteen years she lived in a world of grey, empty of colour, dreams, and goals until she was officially diagnosed with depression and introduced to art as a form of emotional release and therapy.

This unconventional form of treatment rekindled the dreams of the child, and at 33 years of age, Ravynne took upon herself the mantle of professional artist and illustrator. She knew, with every fibre of her being, that some dreams are more than just dreams; they are destiny, and it was her destiny to become an artist and to share her journey and her message of magic, healing, and self-empowerment with others. But this truth did not manifest as her reality until, after several years as a commercial artist and illustrator, Ravynne began to feel an emptiness once more. After much soul-searching, she came to understand that her creativity was meant to have more of a spiritual meaning and message. She dedicated herself to Great Spirit and Gaia and turned her back upon a growing career as a fantasy book-cover artist and children's book illustrator in order to first illustrate, and then to write and illustrate, oracle and tarot cards. From that moment, her life was transformed. Every artwork is now a collaborative endeavour between Ravynne, Great Spirit, and Gaia, and Ravynne has found herself on a path of healing and happiness Why? Because she has dared to live her dream.

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