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Sanctus is a popular artwork studio that originated in the creative mind of seasoned designer and illustrator Phil Ventrello. Over 24 years ago, Phil earned his design degree from Edinboro University, and has since continued to excel as an art director and digital illustrator.

He took his experience and skills to develop Sanctus, loosely founded in 2005, to focus on digitally created artwork that tends to be highlighted with gothic, heraldic, oriental, and fantasy themes.

The Sanctus style is eclectic and vibrant, resulting in a vibrant, powerful and often provocative collection of work that shouts for attention. In addition to Sanctus’ premier line of electronics skins, Sanctus artwork can be found on custom apparel, skateboards and snowboards, and limited edition fine art prints.

Phil is also a martial arts instructor, and created a stylish and unique self defense keychain called MUNIO, which is decorated with his artwork. Check MUNIO out at