iPhone Skins

Beautiful artwork, lightweight protection and your choice of matte or glossy finish. They're the greatest way to personalize and protect your iPhone.

Customize Your Apple iPhone with Skins from DecalGirl

Making iPhones look and feel even better.

Tired of looking the same? Make your iPhone stand out with a vibrant skin from DecalGirl!

Looking for maximum coverage?

We've Got You Covered

Front to back and side to side - nobody else offers the same amount of high quality, precision cut vinyl for your device. Our skins are designed for maximum edge-to-edge coverage that will protect your iPhone from everyday scrapes, scratches and bumps.

Assassin's Creed on iPhone 5
Matte vs Glossy Finish
Do you prefer matte or glossy?

The Choice is Yours

Some places like to charge an extra fee for different finishes. Not us. At DecalGirl, you get to choose your finish at no extra charge. Choose between our High Gloss Finish, which rivals the clear, glassy look of automotive paint or our Matte/Satin finish that's smudge proof, silky smooth and reduces glare and fingerprints. You can't go wrong either way.

Common Questions

What are the skins made of?

Our skins are made of premium cast vinyl with a special adhesive that prevents bubbles during installation and leaves no residue when removed.

Are the skins reusable?

Skins are meant for a one time use. They are adjustable during the application process but once they've been applied you'll stretch the skin if you remove it.

Where are the skins made?

DecalGirl is proud to be based in the United States out of Milton, Delaware. We design, manufacture, and ship our skins all within the same location.

There's an extra cutout?

There is a cut on the iPhone that may appear to be a mistake, but it is actually a cut out for the proximity sensor of the phone.

Don't just take our word for it
Jess P. from Cincinnati, OH:

"DecalGirl, your skin has saved my MacBook Pro lid from all kinds of scratches! Thank you so much!"

Suzanne L. from Saratoga Springs, NY:

"I buy a skin every couple of months from DecalGirl because they make my phone feel brand new!"

Kaitlyn E. from Tuscon, AZ:

"I love my new Kindle skin from DecalGirl - it looks great! You guys rock!"

Tony R. from Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA:

"I love my iPad skins from DecalGirl. They work so much better than cases, almost as if there's nothing there!"