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Your Drone

DecalGirl drone skins are lightweight, long lasting & easily identifiable.

Drones... they seem to be everywhere these days, and up until now pilots haven't exactly had much choice in color. Luckily you've found a company that wants to change all that. Weighing mere grams, our precision cut skins will make your drone stand out against the sky with any design or color you like! Choose designs from our top-notch artists or use our CYOS tool to create your own skins that will keep your drone looking amazing. #putaskinonit!

Why skin your drone?

Range Unaffected

Skins are made from a thin layer of vinyl which radio waves pass through freely. They have absolutely zero effect on R/C range.

Easy to Apply

They go on in a snap because they’re cut to exacting standards to fit your drone like a glove, every time.

No Goo Left Behind

Tired of your skin? Old one banged up? No problem - they peel off without leaving any sticky residue or goo behind.

Greater Visibility

Identify your aircraft faster and at a longer range

We've all been there. You look down to frame a shot, look back up and suddenly you have no idea where your drone is.

Brightly colored skins (such as red, orange, pink and yellow) or designs with large areas of high contrast can help you visually locate your drone faster and at a greater distance.

Lightweight Protection

Protect your fuselage + controller from minor scrapes, scuffs and bugs

The shell of your drone has a tough life. Whether you're kicking up dust/pebbles while landing, flying through swarms of bugs or tossing your drone in the backseat, scratches, scuffs and pockmarks can happen.

Our skins help protect the outside of your drone from flight-to-flight and literally weigh just a few grams.

Custom Designed Drone Skins

Add your company logo, graphics or FAA ID to make your drone look professional

Part 107 UAS Certified? How about putting your company logo right on your drone? With our CYOS (create your own skin) system, you can add any design or color pattern you can imagine.

Create your design in Photoshop (or any other image editor) and upload it as a jpg. We'll print and ship it the next business day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the skins made of?

DecalGirl skins are made of premium automotive-grade cast vinyl. Our vinyl has a special adhesive backing that prevents air bubbles during installation and leaves absolutely no goo or sticky residue when removed.

Are the skins re-usable?

Our drone skins are meant for one time use only and are not reusable. They're adjustable during the application process but once they've bonded you will more than likely stretch the skin when you remove it.

Where are the skins made?

DecalGirl is proud to be based right here in the United States - in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! We design, manufacture, and ship all of our products from the same location. Made in the USA baby!

What if I mess up installing my skin?

We understand accidents happen! If you damage your skin during installation our support team can send you a new piece for free (*except inspire 1) - you just need to cover the return shipping charge.