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Decalgirl Sony Game Console Skins

Sony Game Console Skins

Playstation, PS Vita, or PSP - we've got you covered.
Rugged, tough and sweat-proof; they go on easily and come off without leaving any gunk behind.

Sony PS5 Console
PS5 Console
PS5 Disc Edition
Sony PS5 Controller
PS5 Controller
Dual Sense Controller
Sony PS4 Pro Console
PS4 Pro Console
Playstation 4 Pro Console
Sony PS4 Slim Console
PS4 Slim Console
Playstation 4 Slim Console
Sony PS4 Console
PS4 Console
Playstation 4 Console
Sony PS Vita 2000
PS Vita 2000
Sony PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000)
Sony PSP Go
N1000 -N1001
Playstation 3 Console
Playstation 3 Console
PS3 Console (Original)

Do you prefer matte or glossy?

The Choice is Yours

Some places like to charge an extra fee for different finishes. Not us. At DecalGirl, you get to choose your finish at no extra charge. Choose between our High Gloss Finish, which rivals the clear, glassy look of automotive paint or our Matte/Satin finish that's smudge proof, silky smooth and reduces glare and fingerprints. You can't go wrong either way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the skins made of?

DecalGirl skins are made of premium automotive-grade cast vinyl. Our vinyl has a special adhesive backing that prevents air bubbles during installation and leaves absolutely no goo or sticky residue when removed.

Are the skins re-usable?

Sorry, skins are meant for one time use only and are not reusable. They're adjustable during the application process but once they've bonded you will more than likely stretch the skin when you remove it.

Where are the skins made?

DecalGirl is proud to be based right here in the United States - in a little town called Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! We design, manufacture, and ship all of our products from the same location.

What if I mess up installing my skin?

We understand accidents happen! If you damage your skin during installation our support team can send you a new piece for free - you just need to cover the return shipping charge.

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