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How can you possibly improve upon the greatest action camera ever made? Easy: Customize it!

Easy to Apply
No Goo Removal
Made in the USA
GoPro Skins - Ultra Visible or Not!

Be Seen... Or Not!

Stand out and be ultra-visible or blend in and be super stealth. The choice is yours.

GoPro Skins - Scratch Resistant

Scratch Resistant

Like miniature suits of armor that help protect the outside of your GoPro all day, every day.

GoPro Skins - Works With All Accessories

Works with Accessories

Our GoPro Skins are durable yet thin enough to work with every single accessory.

GoPro Skins - Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Your GoPro can handle the toughest elements and our skins can too. They'll stay on even after being submerged.

GoPro Skins - The Best Coverage

Shop Skins For Your GoPro Action Camera:

Scrapes, scratches and scuffs are things of the past when you've got a DecalGirl skin on your GoPro