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Decalgirl Yeti Skins

Skins for Yeti Products

Your Yeti, Even Better.

Make Your Own

We love our Yetis just as much as you do. We use them everyday, everywhere to keep everything from coffee to booze piping hot and icy cold. But there was something about that bare, naked stainless steel that called out to us, “Skin me, pleeeease!” And so we did. And they looked amazing. So if you’re like us and want to make your Yeti look any way you like, you’ve come to the right place. Choose any design from our top-notch artists, or use our CYOS tool to create your own skins that will keep your Yeti looking amazing. #putaskinonit!

HEY! Just so everyone is on the same page… these are skins that you stick to your Yeti. All Yetis are sold separately!

Shop Skins For Your Yeti Rambler:

Scrapes, scratches and scuffs are things of the past when you've got a DecalGirl skin on your Yeti

Skins are exactly what they sound like: A tough scratch resistant layer of protection that guards against nicks and scrapes.

They go on in a snap because they’re cut to exacting standards to fit your Yeti like a glove, every time.

Tired of your skin? Old one banged up? No problem - they peel off without leaving any sticky residue or goo behind.

Customize It!

Make your Yeti as unique as you are with 100% custom skins

You can even import photos directly from your Instagram account!

Awesome protection that is thin, light and stylish!

Check out how great these Yetis look with skins on them. Yours can too!

Make your Yeti as unique as you are. Personalize and protect it with a DecalGirl skin today!

I’m ready! Let’s Shop

Frequently Asked Questions


The pressurized jets of hot water in your dishwasher can cause the skin to lose it’s adhesive grip and come off. For the longest life, we recommend hand washing your skinned Yeti carefully with mild soap in cool water.


Our vinyl is solid white and wraps 100% around your Yeti, so any areas of transparency in uploaded art will appear white on the final product. It is best to choose a dark, solid color background of your choice. We happen to like black and dark gray.


Probably not. There are tons of very similar insulated cups out there (RTIC, Ozark Trail, etc) but we use authentic Yeti products when designing our skin kits to exacting measurements. We cannot recommend or endorse our skins fitting on a non-official Yeti.


YES! Our skins are thin enough for most handles and other accessories to fit over, just be aware they may make for a slightly tighter fit and make it a bit more difficult to slide/remove handles.

What are the skins made of?

DecalGirl skins are made of premium automotive-grade cast vinyl. Our vinyl has a special adhesive backing that prevents air bubbles during installation and leaves absolutely no goo or sticky residue when removed.

Are the skins re-usable?

Our Yeti skins are meant for one time use only and are not reusable. They're adjustable during the application process but once they've bonded you will more than likely stretch the skin when you remove it.

Where are the skins made?

DecalGirl is proud to be based right here in the United States - in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! We design, manufacture, and ship all of our products from the same location. Made in the USA baby!

What if I mess up installing my skin?

We understand accidents happen! If you damage your skin during installation our support team can send you a new piece for free - you just need to cover the return shipping charge.

DecalGirl has no relationship or affiliation with YETI. These products have not been reviewed, authorized or approved by YETI.

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