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Susan Claire

Susan Claire

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Susan Claire’s design aesthetic can be rooted back to her love of drawings as a child. Her first recollection of being into design goes back to winning a t-shirt design competition at the age of six. Susan drew a dolphin jumping out of the ocean on a sunset background and not much has changed since then, you can still find her drawing ocean scenes and sea life!

As her creative experience grew, she began her career designing shoes and accessories and it was through this experience in design that Susan honed her skills through producing repeat patterns, logos and packaging. After some time and in a bid to 'escape' the design restrictions met in shoe manufacturing, Susan began to set herself free with personal drawings, paintings and illustrations. She decided to focus her passion, relocating to Devonshire in the UK, where she currently works as a graphic designer.

Living in a surf town with the beach on her doorstep and sea views, Susan is influenced by all things beachy and the ocean! She gains clarity watching the waves roll in and staring out to the horizon. Her love for animals, nature, folk patterns, Navajo patterns, Nordic details and bright colours are also very influential in her work.

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