Love Stinks Laptop Lid Skin

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DecalGirl universal laptop lid skins are the most flexible skins we offer, fitting virtually every laptop. It comes in several trim-to-fit sizes or, for added convenience, can be custom-made to your exact measurements.

Size: Small (12.375in x 8.5in)
Laptop Size Help

We'll make your skin to your measurements! Remember - due to production and artwork constraints, the biggest size we can make any laptop skin is 16" x 13".

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Skins help absorb the surface scratches that leave your devices looking worn.

Takes Abuse

We start with one of the best high-performance removable cast vinyls on the market so your skin conforms better, applies easier, and comes off without any mess down the road. Then we top the print with a sturdy satin protective matte layer.

Let a skin take the abuse instead of your gadgets. When the skin looks worn, simply peel it off (with no goo) and replace it.

Photograph of an Airpod sitting on top of a skin.

Details Matter

Did you know it takes us twice as long to print each skin because we have the printers set to use the highest quality setting possible?

That's ok, though - your stuff is worth it.

Impossibly Light

Fun fact - a large cell phone skin weighs in at 2 grams. That's less than a penny. We manage this because our skins are just over 0.004 inches thick, including the protective layer.

Material science is rad.

Customer Reviews

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jerry j.
Mountain Moonrise - Laptop Lid Skin


Georgette P.
Ouija - Laptop Lid Skin

I've ordered this 3 times now, I just love it so much and it's so unique.

Kerensa S.
Streaming Eye - Laptop Lid Skin

I love it! The colors are bright and the pattern is amazing. It's exactly my style.

Kristina S.

White Marble - Laptop Lid Skin

Jim M.
Aoitori - Laptop Lid Skin

Fantastic looking skin! This design provides color & uniqueness to my new Dell laptop; it really adds a “wow factor.”