Pulsar Sony PS Vita 2000 Skin

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DecalGirl skins kits for the Sony PS Vita 2000 cover the front and back of your handheld gaming device. When applied, these skins preserve the functionality of the PS Vita's motion controls and buttons, guaranteeing smooth operation without any interference.


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Skins help absorb the surface scratches that leave your devices looking worn.

Takes Abuse

We start with one of the best high-performance removable cast vinyls on the market so your skin conforms better, applies easier, and comes off without any mess down the road. Then we top the print with a sturdy satin protective matte layer.

Let a skin take the abuse instead of your gadgets. When the skin looks worn, simply peel it off (with no goo) and replace it.

Photograph of an Airpod sitting on top of a skin.

Details Matter

Did you know it takes us twice as long to print each skin because we have the printers set to use the highest quality setting possible?

That's ok, though - your stuff is worth it.

Impossibly Light

Fun fact - a large cell phone skin weighs in at 2 grams. That's less than a penny. We manage this because our skins are just over 0.004 inches thick, including the protective layer.

Material science is rad.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Camille L.
TV Kills Everything - Sony PS Vita 2000 Skin

Quality material and print, easy to install, it took me ~10 minutes, I like the result, the only downside on the PS Vita is that it doesn't cover the sides as well but overall I'm happy with the purchase

D O.
Nunzio - Sony PS Vita 2000 Skin

It is gorgeous!

Dung N.
Real Slow - Sony PS Vita 2000 Skin

It fits my PS Vita perfectly. However, it is not fully cover the sides of the PS Vita which is a bumper, but overrall good quality decal.

ken k.

Collapse - Sony PS Vita 2000 Skin

Heather E.
Cosmic Ray - Sony PS Vita 2000 Skin

I feel like the decal for this device is a necessity. My PS Vita is Neon Orange, so when I bought a decal for it (as I did with my last one), it was important to me to find one that matched that orange. This was perfect. The matted texture blended seamlessly with the device and the decal is thin and responsive enough to not cause any issues with the back plate's sensitivity. If you have a Vita, do yourself a favor and buy a decal for it.